Public side of App is almost cooked!

Today I had a real treat. Adam Cue hooked me up with a screen-share tour of the app running in the development simulator on his computer, and then he set up a download that let me install the functional beta app on my iPad. Took 1 minute to download and install, started up like a dream.

It looks great, the system is intuitive and I think it will be a compelling application for people who are interested in learning about marine species, their ecology and their associated conservation issues.

James Wu also Skyped me to give me the lowdown on the admin/data input system. This too is nearly finished and simple enough for the most technologically challenged to make use of.

We’ve honed in on a few changes to make – like switching the public section from a “Megafauna of the Day” paradigm to a weekly installment – much easier to address 52 species a year than 365. Maybe we can work up to that!

I’ve been working on some splash screens for the app as well – something that everyone will see when they load it up. Some ideas are posted below. Comments are welcome – send them to david.johnston@duke.edu

[image title=”splash1″ size=”large” align=”center” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” autoHeight=”true”]http://superpod.ml.duke.edu/digital/files/2011/03/ipadappsplash2.jpg[/image] [image title=”splash3″ size=”large” align=”center” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” autoHeight=”true”]http://superpod.ml.duke.edu/digital/files/2011/03/ipadappsplash3.jpg[/image] [image title=”splash” size=”large” align=”center” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” autoHeight=”true”]http://superpod.ml.duke.edu/digital/files/2011/03/ipadappsplash4.jpg[/image] [image title=”splash” size=”large” align=”center” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” autoHeight=”true”]http://superpod.ml.duke.edu/digital/files/2011/03/ipadappsplash5.jpg[/image]